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This game showcases a basic generative audio engine constructed in Unity. All music is rendered in real-time using a set of midi loops and a midi rendering plugin. Parameters such as reverb, key, tempo, and loop pattern are all controlled by player movements. Animations like the player's pulsing are also triggered from within the audio track. Additionally, the firing of the player's weapon is quantized to a predefined rhythm in sync with the backing audio. Each instrument's volume is also controlled by distance to a set of virtual audio nodes, allowing for a theoretically infinite number of virtual audio emitters for a soundtrack.

Controls: WASD or arrow keys to move.  Left-click to fire. Space to toggle debug mode.

Research Paper Write-Up: 


Install instructions

MacOS: Unzip and run the file

Windows: Navigate to the "GenerativeAudioWindows" directory and run the "GRP MidiGame" executable.


GenerativeAudioMac.app.zip 47 MB
GenerativeAudioWindows.zip 55 MB

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